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MS Chandra Shum Shere d.459(4)

Sanskrit, Chandra Shum Shere Collection


Summary of Contents: A paper manuscript of Bhāratī Yati's commentary on Vācaspati Miśra's Sāṅkhyatattvakaumudī. According to the colophon, it was copied by a certain Sadānanda on 16 August 1843.
Īśvarakṛṣṇa ,
Language(s): Sanskrit.
Class: mūla
Vācaspati Miśra ,
Language(s): Sanskrit.
Class: commentary
Bhāratī Yati , [1v1] oṃ śgn || [1v1] || yatpra+dād ajaṃ [34v] manīṣibhiḥ 1 [34v] iti śrīvodhāraṇyayatiśiṣyaśrībhāratīnāmakayatikṛtā tatvakaumudīvyākhyā samāptā [34v] saṃvat 1900 śrāvaṇakṛṣṇa 6 lipitam idaṃ sadānandena
Language(s): Sanskrit.
Class: subcommentary

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper (ff. 10, 20, and 30 are yellow).

11.5 × 27 cm.

Extent: 34 ff.


Most folios damaged in the edges with loss of text on ff. 1-18.


Commentary layout: pratīka (mūla) in lemmata and smeared in red.

10 lines per page.

Nomaginal frame lines.


Devanāgarī in black ink.

Additions: On f. 1, in the same hand: \5 sāṃkhyatatvakaumudī prāraṃbhaḥ | 34/; in a later hand: \jṛdṛ[?]pothī 51/; in a modern hand: \vācaspatiḥ/ (in blue ink).


  • correctionsCorrections in the same hand on ff. 1-7.
  • annotationsInterlinear and marginal notes in the same hand on ff. 1-7.
  • titleRunning marginal title (\kau. ṭī./).


Leather cover, library binding.


Origin: 1900 Vikrama / 1843 CE.

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated by Shum Shere, Chandra Mahārāja Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana in 1909.


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