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MS. Ind. Inst. Sansk. 131(R)

Sanskrit, miscellaneous


Summary of Contents: A paper manuscript in Bengali script of Vopadeva's Mugdhabodha with numerous marginal annotations.
Vopadeva , Mugdhabodha
Rubric: [1v1] oṃ namo gaṇeśāya ||
Incipit: [1v1] mukundaṃ saccidānandaṃ praṇipatya pralīyate | mugdhabodhaṃ vyākaraṇaṃ paropakṛtaye mayā || oṃ namaḥ śivāya || iti namaskārasūtraṃ ||
[1v2] śaṃ śabdaiḥ || śabdair maṅgalaṃ syāt[sic] iti prayojanābhidheyasambandhāḥ ||
Final rubric: [130v1] ity ācaryyacakracuḍāmaṇiśrīvopadevaviracitaṃ mugdha
[130v2]bodhaṃ vyākaraṇaṃ samāptaṃ || ❀ || ❀ || ❀
Colophon: [130v2] śakābdāḥ 1719 || 24 māghasya || śrīkṛṣṇaśuraṇaṃ ||
Language(s): Sanskrit.

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper; alternating folios dyed in red.

8 × 34-34.5 cm.

Extent: 130 ff.
Foliation: Bengali numerals, mid-right margin, verso.


Complete, in good condition. Damaged on the lower left margin, original restorations with black paper on all folios; some folios are slightly worm eaten, and some akṣaras are damaged, but still readable.


5 lines per page.

Impressed marginal frame lines. Corrections in red and yellow paste.

One string hole, possibly never used. 2.7-3 × 2.5 cm.


Bengali in black ink.



  • annotationsNumerous marginal annotationsin Bengali script in black, red, and blue ink by different hands.


Origin: Śāka 1719 / 1796 CE. Bengal.

Provenance and Acquisition

Provenance unknown.


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