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MS Ind. Ind. Sansk. 235(R)

Sanskrit, miscellaneous


Summary of Contents: A Bengali paper manuscript of Daṇḍin 's Kāvyādarśa with numerous annotations in the margins.
Daṇḍin , Kāvyādarśa
Rubric: [1v1] oṃ namo gaṇeśāya ||
Incipit: [1v1] caturmukhamukhāmbhojavanahaṃsavadhū'r mmama | mānase' ramatāṃ' dīrghaṃ' sarvva'śuklā' sarasvatī' ||
Explicit: [34v2] vyutpannabuddhir amunā vidhidarśitena mārgeṇa doṣaguṇayor(?) vvaśavarttinībhiḥ | vāgbhiḥ string-hole kṛtābhisaraṇo madirekṣaṇābhir dhanyo yuveva rama(?)⟨[-7-]⟩
Final rubric: [34v3] || ity ācāryya(?)⟨[-9-]⟩ sukaraduṣkaraguṇadoṣavivicāro nāma(?) tṛtīyaḥ paricchedaḥ || ❀ ||
Colophon: [34v3] va(?)raharanaya⟨[-15-]⟩
[v4]⟨[-8-]⟩vivarasūpatesudgaṇḍinaḥ kāvyalakṣanaṃ ca vamamā(?)⟨[-11-]⟩ || ❀ || śrīrāmacandrāya namaḥ || śrīdurggā(?)⟨[-12-]⟩
Language(s): Sanskrit.

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper.

7.4 × 35.5 cm.

Extent: 33 ff. (folio 25 missing).
Foliation: Bengali numerals, mid-right margin, verso (numbering from 1 to 34).
Foliation: Bengali numerals, top-right margin, verso (numbering from 105 to 122, starting on folio 6v up to 33v).


Incomplete, in good condition; some folios are smudged and stained, with akṣaras (mostly still readable) damaged by humidity; on the verso of the last folio, the text is partly faded and illegible.


4-5 lines per page, approximately 72 akṣaras per line. 3 × 2 mm. 1.5:1

Apparently no delineated frame, marginal lines, and ruling, yet all aspects of the layout display considerable uniformity. 2.4-3 × 28-29.7 cm. 2-3

Details about the string hole(s). 1.5-2 × 2.2-3.2 cm.


Bengali in black ink (main text and first set of annotations).

Bengali in red ink (second set of annotations).



  • annotations Numerous annotations on all margins throughout the manuscript; the first set in black ink was probably written by the scribe of the main text, while the second set in red ink might have been added later.


Cardboard box, library binding.


Origin: 17th century (probably second half as MS Ind. Inst. Sansk. 233). Bengal.

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated by Prof E.H. Johnston in February 1940; previously belonged to Evans-Wentz, W.Y. Dr. W.Y. Evans-Wentz.


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