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MS Chandra Shum Shere d.480(1)

Sanskrit, Chandra Shum Shere Collection


Summary of Contents: A paper manuscript of Maheśa Ṭhakkura's Darpaṇa, a subcommentary on Jayadeva Pakṣadhara Miśra's Tattvacintāmaṇyāloka, in its turn a commentary on Gaṅgeśa's Tattvacintāmaṇi. Pratyakṣa, incomplete. Bought by Bhāradvāja Jagannātha through a kāyastha.
Maheśa Ṭhakkura , Darpaṇa
Language(s): Sanskrit.

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper.

9.5 × 23 cm.

Extent: 191 ff.


Incomplete, in good condition; extant ff. 1-63, 63[a] (lf. 66) 64, 64[a] (lf. 68), (text seems to continue), 65, 66 (also numbered 67), 68-127, 128 (also numbered 129), 130-132, 133 (also numbered 132), 133[a]-150, (loss of text), 153-189, (loss of text), 268-269; f. 269 damaged with loss of text in the right side.


Commentary layout: pratīkas and key words smeared in red.

11 lines per page.


Devanāgarī in black ink.

Devanāgarī in black ink (hand changes for ff. 63[a] and 64).

Additions: On f. 1, in later hands: nyāyaciṃtāmaṇi āloka darpaṇa pratyakṣa khaṃḍa 26; and, 269; in a modern hand (in red ink): maheśaṭhakkurakṛ°; on f. 269v, in another later hand: gṛhītam idaṃ bhāradvājajagaṃnāthena krayeṇa kāyastha dvārā.


  • titleAbbreviated marginal title: ciṃ° pra° pa°; pra° ṭhakkura°; ciṃ° pra° pa° ṭī°; ṭhakku° pra°.
  • correctionsMarginal corrections in the same and other hands.


Cardboard cover, library binding.


Origin: 18th-19th century. .

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated by Shum Shere, Chandra Mahārāja Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana in 1909.


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