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Ms. Ind. Inst. Sansk. 113(R)

Sanskrit, Monier-Williams Collection


Summary of Contents: This work is the 6th aṅga of the Jaina canon. It is divided into two śrutaskandhas. The former has 19sub-divisions called adhyayanas and the later, 10, styled as vargas. This entire work deals with narratives having moral and religious purposes behind it. These narratives are free from sectarian spirit and are useful to the persons of any and every school of thought.
Unknown , Jñātādharmakathā
Rubric: [1v1] śrī gautamāya namo namaḥ |
Incipit: [1v1] teṇaṃ kāleṇaṃ teṇaṃ samaeṇaṃ caṃpā nāmaṃ nayarī hotthā | vaṇṇau | tīseṇaṃ caṃpāe nayarīe bahiyā uttara-puracchime disībhāe punnabhadde nāmaṃ ceie hotthā |
Explicit: [228r] evaṃ khalu jaṃbū ṇikhevau dasamo-vaggo sammatto | 10 | evaṃ khalu jaṃbū samaṇeṇaṃ bhagavayā mahāvīreṇaṃ ādigareṇaṃ titthagareṇaṃ sayaṃsabuddheṇaṃ purisottameṇaṃ purisasīheṇaṃ jāva saṃpatteṇaṃ
Final rubric: [228r] dhammakahā-suyakhandho sammatto dasahi vaggehiṃ nāyādhammakahāu sammattāu | cha | granthāgraṃ 6005 śrījñātādharmmakathāṅga chaṭṭhamaṃ sammattaṃ | cha |
Language(s): Ardhamāgadhī.

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper.

11 × 27 cm.

Extent: 228 ff.


Complete, in good condition.


11 lines per page, approximately 35-40 akṣaras per line.

Three red lines with red edges, daṇḍas are with red; yellow pigment is used for corrections.

A blank space is left in the center of the folio.


Jainanāgarī in black ink.



  • titleAbbreviated running marginal title (jñātāsūtra, top left margin, verso.
  • annotationsVery often notes in both the margins and at part of the folio by a later hand.


Cardboard box, library binding.


Origin: 17th century.

Provenance and Acquisition

Collected by Bühler, Georg Georg Bühler in 1877-78.

Donated to the Indian Institute by Monier-Williams, Monier M. Monier-Williams.


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    Descriptions of the manuscript

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