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Ms. Ind. Inst. Sansk. 114(R)

Sanskrit, Monier-Williams Collection


Summary of Contents: A paper manuscript of the Bhagavatīsūtra. This work is the fifth aṅga of Jaina canon. It mainly elucidates the fundamental tenets of Jainism. It contains 41 śatakas or chapters with occasional sub-divisions styled as uddeśakas. It comprises 36,000 questions. It is also known as Vivāhaprajñapti or Vyākhyāprajñaptisūtra.
Sudharmāsvāmī , Bhagavatīsūtra
Rubric: [1v1] namovi | ṇamo arahantāṇaṃ, ṇano siddhāṇaṃ [...] savva sāhūṇaṃ | ṇamo baṃbhīe livīe |
Incipit: [1v1] rāyagiha calaṇa dukhe kaṅkha pauseya pagai puḍhavīo jāvaṃ te ṇaraie bāle gurue ca laṇāu ṇamo suyassa teṇaṃ kāleṇaṃ
Explicit: [387v] egindiya mahājuṃma satāiṃ bārasa-egeṇa eva bendiyāṇaṃ bārasa tendiyāṇaṃ brasāa caurindiyāṇaṃ bārasa egeṇaassaṇṇi pañcendiyāṇaṃ bārasa saṇṇiya pañcediiya mahā jjuṃmasatāiṃ ekkavsaṃ egadivaseṇaṃ uddisijjanti rātsījaṃmasataṃ egadivaseṇaṃ udisijjanti |
Final rubric: [387v] iti śrīBhagavatīsūtraṃ samāptaṃ | cha | śrī | śrīḥ |
Colophon: [387v] jopadevajī lakṣataṃ | cha | śrī |
Language(s): Ardhamāgadhī.

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper.

11 × 25.5 cm.

Extent: 388 ff.
Foliation: Jainanāgarī numerals, top-left margin, verso.


Complete, in good condition.


13 lines per page, approximately 60 - 65 akṣaras per line.

Folio 1v is decorated with red and filled with characters; two double black lines; daṇḍas in red ink; red pigment is used over titles and sub-titles; yellow pigment is used for corrections.

A blank space is left in the center of the folio.


Jainanāgarī in black ink. Scribe: Jopadevajī



  • titleAbbreviated running marginal title (Bhagavatīsūtra, top left margin, verso.
  • correctionsOften corrections by the same and later hand.
  • annotationsSeveral marginal annotations.


Cardboard box, library binding.


Origin: 16th-17th century.

Provenance and Acquisition

Collected by Bühler, Georg Georg Bühler in 1877-78.

Donated to the Indian Institute by Monier-Williams, Monier M. Monier-Williams.


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    Descriptions of the manuscript

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