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Ms. Ind. Inst. Sansk. 115(R)

Sanskrit, Monier-Williams Collection


Summary of Contents: A paper manuscript of Malayagirisūri's Rājapraśnīyavṛtti, a commentary on the Rājapraśnīyasūtra, the second upāṅga of the Jaina canon. It mainly deals with the birth of king Pradeśī as Sūryābhadeva, his celestial grandeour and enjoyments, his staging of a drama and a dance in the presence of Lord Mahāvīra, description of his vimāna (celestial vehicle), and a dialogue regarding the identity of soul and body between him and Keśinigrantha, a follower of Lord Pārśva.
Unknown ,
Language(s): Ardhamāgadhī.
Class: mūla
Malayagirisūri ,
Language(s): Sanskrit.
Class: commentary

Physical Description

Form: pothī
Support: Paper.

11 × 25.5 cm.

Extent: 111 ff.


Complete, damaged; folio 15 is torn; there are black spots of damp and ink-spread throughout the manuscript; often the script is illegible.


Commentary layout: pañcapāṭha.

22 lines per page.

Two double black lines with black edges; red pigment is used for titles and sub-titles; often yellow pigment is used to correct the text.

A blank space is left in the center part.


Jainanāgarī in black ink.



  • titleRunning marginal title (Rāja° pra° sū° vṛ), top left margin, verso.


Cardboard box, library binding.


Origin: 16th-17th century.

Provenance and Acquisition

Collected by Bühler, Georg Georg Bühler in 1877-78.

Donated to the Indian Institute by Monier-Williams, Monier M. Monier-Williams.


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    Descriptions of the manuscript

    A Catalogue of the Sanskrit and Prākrit mss. in the Indian Institute Library, Oxford, Keith, Arthur Berriedale (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1903, no. 41, p. 21)

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