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MS. Ind. Inst. Sansk. 136(R)

Sanskrit, miscellaneous


Summary of Contents: A scroll in Devanāgarī script written in black and red ink, containing a horoscope with several diagrams. A handwritten note on a slip of paper explaining the content and origin is found with the manuscript: "A roll of great length, c. 9inch in width, inscribed on one side with ll. of fairly good large Devanāgarī writing, interspersed with diagrams etc. On the outside a statement Māraṭhī of the contents & in English the address 'India. Bombay. Dst. Nasik'. The text consists of a horoscope, chiromantical forecasts, etc. relating to Arthur Simcox, First assistant Collector of Mālegaon, Nāndugaon, etc. in the Nāsik District (son of Henry Simcox, son of Thomas Simcox, of the village of 'Hasban', 1 1/2 yojanas N.W. from London. The date of birth seems to be V. 1927, Ś. 1792 = A.D. 1869; but the document is so longwinded that this requires verification as date of truth)".
Unknown , Horoscope
Language(s): Sanskrit.

Physical Description

Form: roll
Support: Paper.


Extent: 1 ff.


Complete, in good conditions.



Devanāgarī in black and red ink.


Cardboard cover, library binding.


Origin: 19th century.


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